project management | design | prefabrication | construction

We plan, manage and implement your project from the very start, until all of your project objectives have been achieved. This means that you can focus on your daily work, and leave impeccable realisation of your project to us. Our project manager will provide you with all necessary support from the get-go, beginning with the planning phase and ending when the turnkey project is handed over to you.

Our project manager will coordinate the activities of all participating companies, and in so doing will ensure that the project goes off smoothly, on time, and within budget.

On-time handover means successful opening of your store and increased sales.

Thinking and acting on our customers’ behalf is not only a high standard we set for ourselves, but is also something that we strongly believe in.


carpentry | metallurgy | glass

We are able to precisely fulfill each of our customers’ project specifications because we produce the necessary items in our own production facility and have the ability to work with an extremely broad range of materials. All of the elements that go to make up the finished products for a store are carefully inspected in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Thanks to our production facility and warehouse in northern Poland, we’re able to make all the key components for our shopfitting projects. We’re independent and flexible in this regard, and if necessary will stock your project products so as to ensure rapid availability.